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Welcome to the new ventures in the cannabis industry

As Colorado opens its doors to the cannabis industry, new opportunities arise for your business. With these opportunities however, there comes responsibility. CannibiZ Solutions is dedicated to helping your business profitably and professionally grow.

CannabiZ Solutions creates effective marketing campaigns for companies in the cannabis industry. Additionally, we will help your company secure proper licenses, and ensure your licenses are kept current so your business stays open all year long. As you may know, even a temporary closure will be financially devastating to your bottom line.

Along with marketing and licensing support, CannabiZ Solutions will consult with you to make sure every aspect of your business is in on-going compliance with city, county and state requirements. You must adhere to these rigorous rules and regulations to avoid being "shut down" by government officials.

CannabiZ Solutions comprises experienced professionals and reliable partners who will work with you on a one-to-one basis. We will take the time necessary to learn about your business needs and how we can effectively help your company profitably grow.